"Resilience is our ability to thrive and fulfill our potential in spite of adversity or challenging circumstances"

-Janine Shepherd

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What's Included in the School for Resilience?

  • The exclusive SFR five pillars and twelve key steps to building an unshakable core
  • A complete, six week-long in depth online training 
  • Personal growth tools, exercises and "homework" 
  • Downloadable PDF's of additional content 
  • Optional SFR FaceBook group
  • Live Q&A's
  • Lessons archived with unlimited access for three months
  • Special guest appearances from experts in personal development

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Resilience Can Be Learned at Any Age


There are five foundational “pillars,” and twelve "key steps" that underlie the process of learning resilience.


  • We are never alone, and always connected. – Like the story I told in my TED Talk, we are all joined together by a sea of invisible straws. Knowing this gives us hope and strength. It opens our hearts to compassion and empathy and helps to cultivate the virtues of forgiveness and understanding.

  • The Universe always says YES. – The universe is predisposed to manifest whatever you hold true with your desire and intention. We are not victims, but instead are conscious creators of our destiny. We must guard our thoughts diligently.

  • You are the Producer, Director and Actor in the story of your life. Our thoughts, beliefs, judgments have brought each of us to the present moment. If you want a different experience of life, you must be prepared to DO things differently. You can change the narrative and rewrite the story of your life.


  • Choice is the most powerful tool you have. - You may not be able to choose the circumstances of your life, but you can choose how you respond to them. We can choose our attitude towards every circumstance in life. 


  • This, too, shall pass.  Nothing lasts forever, neither joy, nor sorrow. Make every moment count, because all aspects of the human experience are temporary and transient.  Time really does heal all wounds.


Once we have an understanding of these pillars, we can build the skills needed to cultivate resilience.


Valued at over $3000, it's just $99 to enroll now...

What Experts Say About Janine Shepherd

Renowned Author, Speaker, Coach

Deepak Chopra

"Janine is a change agent. She has an extraordinary ability to ignite people's spirits and move them to find the real potential of their lives; her story inspires people around the world."

Author and Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Rebecca Ray

“You can learn the theory behind resilience-building anywhere. But to truly embody this kind of growth, the most powerful thing you can do for yourself is choose a teacher who lives it. Janine Shepherd is the only teacher you’ll ever need on this topic because of her remarkable life and way of being”

Founder, "The Day Won" Podcast and Training

James Whittaker

“Not only is Janine a certified life coach, but she’s made it a lifelong goal to study and learn about resilience—and how best to teach it. In her video presentations, you’ll learn simple and easy to apply skills that’ll make you truly resilient in the face of any of life’s challenges”

Executive Coach and Academic

Dr. Be Pannell

"Not only did Janine ‘bounce forward’ from a catastrophic experience, but she has captured her hard won insights in a practical program that can show others how to do the same. Listen to her!"

CEO and Founder HeadSafe

Dr. Adrian Cohen

Janine is the total package. Determined thought-leader, catalyst and advocate. If you’re thinking of seeing her speak: DO! If you’re thinking of reading her books: DO! If you’re thinking of watching her TED talk for the first or the tenth time: DO! In fact, stop thinking, just DO!!!

Emmy Award Winning Producer of TV Series "Success in Your City"

Brandon T. Adams

"This course has simplified the study of resilience and packaged the lessons in a way that's easily understood--and readily adopted and put into practice. The lessons and exercises cut right to the chase. It's by far the most effective program for learning practical resilience skills that I'm aware of, and certainly well worth the price."

Sr. Training Captain, Virgin Australia

Anthony Goudy

"Janine's inspiring road out of hospital to such high achievement is, in no small part, the reason I started on my own road back to achieving my dreams. Janine comes with my highest recommendation, and is a true asset to whom ever is lucky to be working with her."

What You'll Learn in This Course

  • Benefit from the exclusive SFR 5 pillars and 12 key steps to building an unshakable core
  • Understanding the 5 pillars of resilience
  • Learning and applying the 12 key steps of resilience
  • Underscoring your discovery of resilience skills through exercises provided with each course module
  • Building your Unshakeable Core, so that you can move through life with skill and grace in addressing the challenges that come your way

Let's Reveal The Twelve Key Steps

Now, let’s delve into the twelve key steps of resilience, and learn how you use them to build your unshakable core.

The Twelve Key Steps of Resilience

  1. Acceptance
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Compassion 
  4. Optimism
  5. Values
  6. Strengths
  7. Hope
  8. Meaning and Purpose
  9. Laughter/Humor
  10. Connection/Spirituality
  11. Mindfulness: Mind, Body, Spirit
  12. Gratitude

The School for Resilience is built around these pillars and key steps, and throughout the course and the accompanying materials we’ll do a deeper dive on each.  In fact, we dedicate an entire video lesson to every key step, using stories and real-life examples to help you better understand and apply every one.

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Taken as individual coaching sessions, The School for Resilience course  and workbook would be valued at $3000.  But if you sign up before April 1:

Take the six week online course for just $99, or three payments of $40 each.   

  • Includes the six weeks of video sessions
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  • accompanying e-book.

BETTER YET: Join as a "VRP"--a "Very Resilient Person"--and receive a premium package of benefits for $299, or three payments of $110 each, which will include:

  • The full six week course
  • The course workbook
  • "Building an Unshakable Core" e-book
  • Weekly one-hour, live Q&A webinar with your fellow VRP's and Janine and David
  • a first-edition copy of Janine's memoir, Defiant, personally signed and dedicated to you by Janine

ORyou can order the e-book , "Building an Unshakable Core," for just $19.00


Starting April 1, the cost for the course will be $149.  

The "VRP" package will be $349 or three payments of $125 



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Course Instructors

Janine Shepherd

Janine Shepherd is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of six best-selling books. Her inspiring TED talk, “A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person.” has garnered over 1.6 million views. Janine has been featured extensively in television, print, and digital media around the world including, 60 minutes, CNN, NPR, TED.com, ABC Australian Story, ABC Talking Heads, The Huffington Post, Success Magazine, The Today Show and Think and Grow Rich: the legacy. She’s been recognized with her country’s highest honor, The Order of Australia. She was named an “Architect of Change” by Maria Shriver and was named as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young People of the World.” Janine is an ambassador for Red Bull, Wings for Life, and Spinal Cure Australia. Janine has a degree in sports science, a post-graduate diploma in Education, and positive psychology as well as being a certified counselor. She has trained in ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction). She is a qualified commercial pilot and aerobatics flying instructor and is a mother of three.

David Treinis

After completing his engineering degree at Stanford University, David cycled his way across the USA, realizing soon after that his true passion was in helping others connect with their purpose in life. Having honed his skills as executive leadership coach, he has employed his unique counseling and mentoring systems to enrich the lives of countless individuals and to help build numerous businesses. David is a qualified Airline Transport pilot and flight instructor (both fixed wing and gliders) and has served as a pilot examiner with the Federal Aviation Agency. Having participated both as C-level executive and Board member for numerous private equity companies, he is an expert in strategic planning, goal setting, time management, and other critical skills that are foundational to building an unshakable core. David is also a freelance writer, mountain bike enthusiast, snowboarder, fly-fishing guide--an avid outdoorsman who lives in the Teton Mountains of western Wyoming.

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What You'll Have Accomplished in our Program

Once you've completed this course:

  1. You will have the practical tools to overcome whatever the universe throws at you, and you will do it with boldness, courage and grit!
  2.  You will embrace your Defiant Human Spirit, your inner fire, which will clarify your purpose in life, so you can live a life that is rich and meaningful.
  3. You will have a clear understanding of the pillars and resilience key steps as your foundations to "Building Your Unshakable Core."
  4. From the e-book and workbook that accompany this course, you'll be able to access science backed tools and exercises and homework
  5. You will have the clarity and confidence of knowing which tools to use for any experience or challenge you face in the future, along with the courage to implement them.
  6. We will be forever connected, and you will be a part of The School for Resilience community for life. You will have access to a Facebook group of resilience teammates, to support you on your journey. It is our intention to help you implement everything you have learned in the course and take it forward into the future. 

AND...We will also offer an option for monthly coaching via group calls, to support you on your journey of resilience. Calls with include in-depth teachings as well as special guest appearances by other resiliency experts.



Wishing You Blue Skies and Tailwinds Always